Leaving the "security" of a job is not an easy thing, especially in our society where we are raised with the mentality of "study hard so you can get a good job" and we grow up believing that only by being employed can we achieve our goals, but there is no Nothing further from reality. Currently employment is no longer secure and there is no worse mistake than clinging to a company because at any moment we can face the reality that the world of work is no longer what it used to be.  


There are fewer and fewer jobs, the possibility of getting a pension is less and less, there are jobs with outrageous salaries, etc. If you are a non-conformist entrepreneur, I am sure that you have already realized the reality of the current world of work and that is why you have thought more than once about Industry Email List quitting your job . It is a difficult decision to make, and unfortunately many are left thinking too much about the matter, preferring to continue with the routine of going day after day to a job in which they feel trapped.  


If you still have some doubts about what decision you should make, I want to invite you to watch the following video where Professor Juan Diego Gomez makes several interesting reflections on the subject of giving up job security. I hope that the video is useful to you and then you share your opinions on this topic.A short time later, she not only sold through MercadoLibre, but also set up her own website, using MercadoShops, MercadoLibre's free tool that allows you to easily create Internet sites in minutes. Projects for 2013: Among her plans for this year, Claudia plans to offer more products in MercadoLibre in order to win more customers and for the business to prosper more every day. A good experience.